Online Lessons for Groups

Easy-to-follow online ESL lesson planning flowchart with games, activities, and lesson stages!

Websites for Teaching Online

An excellent classroom management site for young learners (see our CMS page for instructions on how to use positive reinforcement to promote positive behaviour). It includes some nice extras, like a timer and a random nominator.

A really fun and engaging classroom management site in which students can upgrade and customize their characters and you can even turn lesson plans into quests!

Does what it says on the tin - many different designs to maintain some variety.

Quick and simple video sharing for assignments requiring a video response.

Invaluable resources for collaboration and education, docs, sheets, drive, calendar, gmail, sites, slides...

Manage and organise your students, classes, materials, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Really fun and competitive quizzes you can play in teams or solo!

Input names and spin the wheel for random selection.

Interactive and collaborative boards to share ideas, brainstorm or even just share short texts

Interactive flashcard games that are fun and can be accessed on mobile devices. Includes a collaborative-quiz game.

Fun teacher-generated quizzes with real-time results and integration with Google Classroom.

Online whiteboard which allows you to see students' individual whiteboards in real-time, and of course includes the teacher's board for all to see.

Make custom activities for your classroom - quizzes, match ups, word games, and much more.

Video conferencing with cool features, like break-out rooms and virtual backgrounds.