Reading & Listening Lessons

Easy-to-follow reading and listening (receptive) ESL lesson planning flowchart with games, activities, and lesson stages!

Websites for Reading & Listening Lessons

Active Reading and Learning

Lots of interesting activities with free materials

Reading and listening activities divided into 7 levels which focus on current affairs.

Many short stories in text and audio formats for a range of levels.

Listening tracks with interactive quizzes for a range of levels.

Insert instructional content on any web page with this Chrome plugin.

Lots of recordings on interesting topics with handouts and online quizzes.

Tons of free ebooks viewable interactively in-browser.

Simple English Listening

A podcast (with videos) on interesting topics with graded language.

Simplify text with a click of a button! Great for grading language and identifying complex vocabulary.

Ted (Education):

Lessons built around the best speakers in the world discussing interesting topics with practice activities.

Ted: Under 20s

Talks from scientists, musicians, innovators, activists — all under the age of 20. Watch these amazing wunderkinds.